Get the best ROI from your investment in Salesforce

Many companies bring into their organization hoping to get increased sales, productivity and visibility into their company’s sales activities.

Six months later, the system is barely being used (or not meeting expectations) and the ROI seems marginal.

Using Successfully

  1. Management needs to have clear goals and objectives as to what they want the implementation of to do and a clear way to measure progress towards those goals.
  2. must be configured to reflect management goals, including Views, Page Layouts and Reports. also needs to help sales people prospect and make sales, including Email Templates, email tracking and mass email capability.
  3. Once an initial configuration is completed, questions must be addressed and changes must be implemented in real time so the sales organization is not bogged down waiting for answers or needed updates.
  4. Management must be willing to stand behind and “require” the use of
  5. Sales people must be trained to use to accomplish their sales goals and provide information desired by management. More importantly, they must be motivated using a “pull” methodology to get them over the initial learning period and into the period in which they realize the value of in helping them prospect and make sales.
  6. Management reports that provide key information such as prospect calls made, prospect emails sent, quotes generated and deals closed must be set to run automatically weekly or daily and emailed to key stakeholders.

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