Email Campaigns

Our email program builds customer bases, establishes and enhances your brand, and communicates with your target audience. This solution allows you to utilize one of the easiest and most effective marketing tools at your disposal… email marketing. Acquiring quality email addresses is key to marketing success.

Our real-time architecture ensures that prospect behavior is tracked and acted on as it occurs, ensuring that they are nurtured and responded to in a timely manner, most importantly, alerting our agents when their prospects take a qualifying action.

Because our system tracks both inbound and outbound marketing activity, any link can be tracked from initial click to deal close, making Marketing a revenue center — not a cost center.

We deliver unique capabilities and immediate results, giving marketers:

Outstanding email delivery, instant-on full website tracking, and real-time Sales alerts

Superior tracking of inbound & outbound marketing efforts

Robust, automated Lead Nurturing & Lead Scoring with exceptional sales integration